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Are you on a spiritual journey through life, connecting with your inner voyager spirit, then this is for you!

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We have found, that being on a spiritual journey can be lonely. To help find like-minded people, we created a Facebook group for people to meet, get inspired and find friends and company on the journey. 

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Sometimes it´s hard to know where to start or where the journey of life is taking you. Welcome to join Malin Åhman on a pilgrimage in Sweden. And yes, you can do it from the sofa!


They say a woman is like a diamond, with many facets. We decided to share insights and inspiration along the way by sharing stories and insights. Curious? Sign up for the newsletter!

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Inspiration and Healing Transformation Retreat in Sweden - return to your Swedish Viking roots



If you are a Swedish descendant, ready to connect with your Viking strength and voyager spirit, join us for a retreat to experience deeper spiritual alignment and relationships, and shine your brightest light, being present in your body.

Book Pilgrim Puzzle of Symbols a helaing inspiration inner journey on the swedish pilgrim roads


PILGRIM Puzzle of symbols

If you are on a spiritual journey through life, curious about a pilgrimage, and prefer to get inspired from the sofa, get your copy of the first PILGRIM book, PILGRIM Puzzle of symbols. It will take you on a journey from chaos to positivity, a nostalgic trip to the Swedish countryside, and an adventure on the old pilgrim roads. 

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Is your life in chaos? Do you have questions about walking a pilgrimage, visiting Sweden to find back your roots, or finding clarity in what to do next or what you are looking for? Schedule a call! If we want to work together for further transformation or clarity, we can offer a longer call, but first - let´s find out if we are a match!  If you rather watch another call - welcome to an interview with the Voyager writer´s project!

Who is 

Malin Åhman, Swedish Viking Pilgrim

Malin Åhman

I am Malin Åhman, the author of the PILGRIM trilogy

  • PILGRIM - Puzzle of Symbols, a pilgrimage through life, working with the symbols of a pilgrim on pilgrim walks in Sweden.

  • PILGRIM - The Great Journey is the second book, Pilgrim walks the great pilgrim´s walks to Santiago de Compostela and the path to Rome and the Vatican city

  • PILGRIM in Paradise is the third part of the trilogy. Pilgrim discovers nature, magic, and myths in Hawaii.

The PILGRIM trilogy shares insights and adventures from the humbling path of life, moving forward and inward. It´s about walking and learning along winding roads, bringing the teachings from the path into everyday life.

It’s a journey through darkness and light, through death and rebirth, through embracing the true self, and through connecting with the elements and timeless space.