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The PILGRIM-trilogy 

If you are on a spiritual journey, and prefer to get inspired from the sofaget your copy of PILGRIM Puzzle of symbols, a true story of spiritual awakening from the Swedish pilgrim roads. It will take you on a journey from a mind full of chaos to positivity, a cultural trip to the Swedish countryside, and an adventure on the old pilgrim roads. The novel focuses on the relationship with my inner self. Find it on Amazon!

The sequel, PILGRIM The Sacred Journey, brings you on a journey to South Europe, to Santiago de Compostela, Le Puy en Velay, S:t Jean Pied de Port and Rome. The relationship between self and the big systems - religions, politics and my own spirituality is in focus. Find it on Amazon!

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Malin Åhman

I, Malin Åhman, am an Author, Entrepreneur, Inspirator and Life Savourer.

I love spending time with people discovering ourselves and the world around us, reaching deeper insights in life, finding alignment with our spirits and being filled with joyous life and curiosity! It´s amazing what we can experience by just being fully present in the now.

As a compassionate teacher and facilitator, a curious spiritual being, I love when my world opens up for new discoveries and insights, when life fills up with - life!

My coaching speciality?

-I see your potential and I won´t let you turn your back on yourself.


Malin Åhman and the PILGRIM trilogy

Malin Åhman is a Civil Engineer, and a Real Estate Economist. She has worked as a manager and leader for the last 20 years within large companies, smaller companies and within government controlled businesses. The last years she has created her own businesses as well as supporting others as part of their company boards. She is involved with regional growth as a member of the board of the Mid Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

Growing up on a small old-fashioned farm, she has broken cultural boundaries through both getting a university degree and by creating a lifestyle full of life.

Her relationship with spirituality and nature has developed further through her pilgrimages in Sweden, Spain, France and Italy and adventures in Hawaii.

Malin is the author of "Conscious Coworkers" and the "PILGRIM" trilogy.

Malin Åhman is the author of the PILGRIM trilogy

  • PILGRIM - Puzzle of Symbols, a pilgrimage through life, working with the symbols of a pilgrim on pilgrim walks in Sweden.

  • PILGRIM - The Sacred Journey is the second book, A pilgrimage on the Camino, a sacred pilgrim´s walk to Santiago de Compostela and the path to Rome and the Vatican city

  • PILGRIM in Paradise is the third part of the trilogy. Adventures in nature, magic, and myths in Hawaii.

The PILGRIM trilogy shares insights and adventures from the humbling path of life, moving forward and inward. It´s about walking and learning along winding roads, bringing the teachings from the path into everyday life.

It’s a journey through darkness and light, through death and rebirth, through embracing the true self, and through connecting with the elements and timeless space.


Malin Åhman, Swedish Viking Pilgrim

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Personal coaching and

Business coaching

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Finding your best coach is a personal question. From time to time in life, who is the right one for you can vary. The only way to know is to start connecting. If we click - Let´s go for it! If not - no worries, there will be a better match for us somewhere else and you will know better what you are looking for.

If you rather watch another call - welcome to watch an interview with the Voyager writer´s project!

Conscious Coworkers,

a handbook for the workplace

Conscious Coworkers is an inspiring workbook for the development of the workplace. The chapters are short and easy to read. They include questions to discuss the most common subjects of leadership.

Three perspectives are represented - me as a co-worker, the group, and the workplace.

The book assists you in holding small workshops in the workplace for a continuous process of development. It guides you to discuss important questions that make a difference. Questions that create stronger relationships between co-workers, within the group, and commitment to the company.

Journeys for the soul

For travel agencies

Savour Hälsingland oceanside 

Hälsingland is a fairly untouched spot in the middle of Sweden. The archipelago has hundreds of untouched islands and a history of salmon fishing and trade traced back about 4 000 years, long before the vikings.

Ice-free season is April through October, but the nice time to visit is May to September. 

We help you bring your group for a day tour or to stay one or several nights. 

We love to serve and help you find housing, food and transportation for your group. There are several options to find boat tours, eagle/seal safari, kayaking, hiking and charming red cabins on the islands. 

There is no commercial service on the islands. Therefore, we bring our restaurant to you to give full service during the experience

For travel agencies

Savour Hälsingland countryside 

The countryside of Hälsingland is unique in the world, with a UNESCO world heritage of decorated farmhouses. These big red houses were built about 1800-1870 and served as a home, but also a gathering place in the "festhus", a specific house built for parties.
At Erik-Andersgården, you can check in in one of the 5 hotel rooms, get room service, delicious breakfast and foods from the farms nearby. The area is famous for its linen production.

Season April through October. 

We help you find the best hiking, bicycling, slow walks and linen produce in the area. 

We love to serve and help you find housing, food and transportation for your group. There are several options to find day tours to the linen factory, walks, hikes, shopping, farm visits and to learn more about the local lifestyle. 

Our chef is picky to find the best local produce of flour for the bread, salmon smoked by the same family for generations, cheese from the valley and greens from the farm garden. There are no animalss on the farm nowadays, but it is possible to visit the farms nearby. 


Here is an example of what we can do, a retreat called "Return to your Swedish Viking Roots": 

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Your retreat and flight is climate compensated by carbon credits from JORD. We are planting grass in the desert in Africa, producing sustainable fuel from the grass. We bind CO2 from the air and revive the desert.